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Welcome to the home of Chess-Rikus. Chess-Rikus is an amateur, non-commercial chess-playing engine. It is compatible with Winboard and Xboard, and it can be used standalone with a text interface. It is written in C, and began as a student project in my data structures class at Boston College. Chess-Rikus is free to use, provided you ask my permission before setting it up to play on online game servers or in tournaments against other computer programs.

XBoard and WinBoard

XBoard and WinBoard are GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) for chess programs. Xboard is a Unix GUI that is compatible with dozens of amatuer chess engines--programs that can play chess (test legality and decide which moves to make) but do not have very good user interfaces built in. Author Tim Mann not only saves us all time and energy, but also gives us a sleeker interface than many of use could have designed anyway. This lets programmers get on to the fun part of writing chess engines: the AI. Winboard is basically a Win32 version of XBoard. I highly recommend downloading one of these fine programs for use with Chess-Rikus. Downloads and setup instructions can be found here.

I highly recommend that you use at least Chess-Rikus 1.4 or later, and xboard/winboard 4.2.6 or later!! The older versions of both have different interfaces, and are buggier.

If you have any comments or questions about Chess-Rikus, please feel free to email me. My email is "chess@" this domain.



Latest- Version 1.466 is the latest version of Chess-Rikus.
Download Win32 by HTTP
Download sample shortcut file for Win32 by HTTP

Latest- Source Code 1.466 is the source code for v1.4.
Notable additions in 1.4 include clock control, iterative deepening, transposition table, move ordering routines, full quiescence search, updated evaluations, and updated xboard interface.
1.466 fixes some I/O reliability problems when pondering.
Download by HTTP

Version 1.2 is a milestone version.
Download Win32 by HTTP
Download sample shortcut file for Win32 by HTTP

Source Code 1.2 is the source code for v1.2.
The alpha-beta pruning is still flawed in this code.
Download by HTTP

Version 1.0 is a milestone version.
This was the version that I handed in as my final project for Data Structures.
Download Win32 by HTTP
Download sample shortcut file for Win32 by HTTP

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